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FlowerTrials® 2020 | Cancelled, 2021 announced.

As we move through the COVID-19 crisis we realise that the early decision to cancel FlowerTrials 2020 was timely and appropriate. An industry event of this size could not have taken place with the restrictions in place as we know them today. We are continuing to promote the new pot and bedding plant introductions of...
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Eating local and plant-based diets

How do you feed a city sustainably? It is one of the great questions of our time. After all, for a species that ultimately depends on plants to feed ourselves, we do tend to cram ourselves into places that are rather unfriendly towards them. Our cities are built around cars, offices and perhaps the odd...
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Strawberries hang too, like flowers

US, Carver- At Nash Nursery, strawberry plants in hangers with pink flowers and fruit all summer long and Vermillionaire firecracker plants by Proven Winners with tubular flowers that are a main attraction for hummingbirds are among the offerings. So are little mock orange shrubs, miniature butterfly bushes that only get about two-feet-tall but have full-size...