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“ Tulip Show ”

The only cut flowers show in Pakistan

Pakistan State of Flowers

Pakistan is an emerging market for cut flowers production and export. Ever increasing demands for cut flowers are being met by handful of bunch i.e Roses, Gladiolus, Tube Roses, Static, Gerberas, Marigold, etc. and the other cut flowers are being imported like Lilies, Chrysanthemums, Gerberas, Orchids, Roses, Gypsophillia etc.

Why Tulip Show?

Tulips are being considered the fantasy flower around the world and it gives joy and happiness to flower admirers and peace seekers. And not many people know that this is Pakistan’s own flower which is still naturally habitat of our mountains like of Gilgit Batistan , KP, and in Baluchistan and still called Himalayan flower . But now it is known to be a Ducth product because of their years long research and development in making numbers of varieties and cultivars in Tulips. Holland is known a land of Tulips as it is their national symbol. And they are growing tulips for bulbs production in about 1200 hectares and 70% of their bulbs trade i.e 1800 million USD are Tulip bulbs.

Reality Is So Much Better Than Fantasy

In Tulip Show the only professional cut flower show in Pakistan aim to develop and exhilarate the existing structure of growing cut flowers in Pakistan. Since 2006 every year the company greenworks changes the venue in order to reach the maximum growers and investors who thought that in Pakistan certain kinds of flowers cannot be grown. Greenworks in Tulip show displayed them the locally grown Tulips, Lilies, Chrysanthemums, Gypsophilia, Gerberas etc.

The participation of farmers is also tremendous and growing every year. Now they are known to the production technology of growing Lilies with minimum infrastructure cost. They know how to cultivate Gerberas, Tulips and Chrysanthemums by little manipulating the temperatures inside tunnel and in open field.

Converting flowers into Foreign Exchange is not a broken Dream!

A day is not too far ahead now that Pakistan will meet its cut flower demands and even export them to nearby countries. Already Pakistan is exporting rose petals to gulf countries and that is the only flower product that is being exported at this time. But the potential is high for other cut flowers exports as well as the industry are growing with reasonable volume. And now new investors are taking keen interest to invest in the flowers.

As Pakistan being the most potential country where we can grow cut flowers round the year naturally without going into the high cost of greenhouses. The Tulips Show means the education and training of the farmer trough practical locally grown display of exotic flowers cultivation.


Saleem Ahmad

Director in Greenworks

For Contact: 00923219402911

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