Mobile strapping machine with cornerboards automat

Safe transport of pallets and stacked goods can be guaranteed with strong and reliable strapping machines. Steenks Service offers a wide range of horizontal and vertical strapping machines, which are available as both automatic and semi-automatic models. A popular strapping machine is the Reisopack 2905.

The Reisopack 2905 is a state-of-the-art automatic strapping machine from Steenks Service. This machine can work independently and can be integrated into an automated production line. This modern machine is ideal for strapping large amounts of pallets and is easy to program and use.

Some unique selling points of the Reisopack 2905 are:

·       Production speed of approx. 72 seconds (with 3 straps and pallet corners)

•      Automatic pallet corner detection

·       Corner boards are pressed automatically onto the corners of the pallet

•      Double stock of corner boards

•      Adjustable electronic band tension

•      Coloured touchscreen with instructional videos

Conversion to mobile model possible

A Reisopack 2905 can also be built into a mobile machine, so that it can strap multiple pallets without manual transport of pallets being necessary. In this case, the strapping machine moves towards the pallet and straps it accordingly. This can make your independent strapping machine work twice as efficient.


You can visit the Steenks Service website for more information: You can also reach Steenks Service by calling 0174- 510 266 or by email on

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