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New Guidebook for Florists

What Cut Flower is That?

is the title of the newly launched guidebook for florists and provides a comprehensive overview of the exciting and diverse range of floristry products available. Initiated by the Australian flower industry, the book What Cut Flower is That? is written by Delwyn (Del) Thomas and Bettina Gollnow.

It packs the latest information about the exciting and diverse range of floristry products available into almost 200 pages, some of it never before published. Every entry has beautiful full colour photos, many of which were taken specifically for this book, while the detailed index ensures speedy access and enjoyable readability for all. Del is a horticulturist and fl oral designer with a lifetime of experience in the floriculture, nursery and garden and floristry industries. Bettina Gollnow, currently Communications and Extension Manager with Wild Flowers Australia, is an extension horticulturist with over 20 years of experience of working with

the Australian cut flower industry. “Making product information relevant and easy to find encourages florists and designers to use a wider variety of products,” explained co-author Del Thomas. She added, “From the A-Z of cut flower and foliage profiles to advice on care and handling, the information is presented in an easy to read format and design so that every fl oral artist and florist will want to leave it open on the workbench for quick easy reference.”  Although this guidebook was developed in collaboration with the Australian flower industry, anyone with an interest in the care and handling of high quality cut flowers and foliage, will find this an essential reference.

What Cut Flower is That?  includes a general introduction to the Australian flower industry along with extensive information regarding recognition of flower quality, essential post harvest care and typical problems. It includes the latest research and reliable industry knowledge. Industry members including growers, wholesalers, post harvest experts and leading florists were consulted to ensure that this manual provides the most accurate and up-to-date information on all products, with the initial draft reviewed by 15 industry specialists. Managing product quality and vase life, which are so important to consumers, is discussed in detail, and recommendations are offered for holding temperatures, cooling, hydration, hygiene, care in handling, conditioning, use of fl oral foam and advice to pass on to customers. The authors unravel the mysteries of subjects such as air embolisms, stem blockages, ethylene, geotropism, leaf  blackening, uneven stem lengths, grey mould and issues associated with imported flowers that have the potential to reduce flower quality and vase life. This guidebook discusses these subjects and many more with straight forward advice on how to recognise and avoid problems. A wide range of the 116 cut flower and 30 foliage products profiled are grown globally, ensuring that highly seasonal products are readily available.

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