The exclusive partnership in the UK horti industry

Under the agreement, Royal Brinkman will have the right to promote and distribute Current’s horticulture Arize™ grow lights solutions and upcoming Lucalox™ High Pressure Sodium lamps to the U.K. horticulture market.

Current will be the exclusive lighting provider for Royal Brinkman U.K.

Together, the two companies will collaborate on driving the horticulture industry forward while providing exemplary service for growers. This includes identifying modern and environmentally friendly solutions, such as industry-leading energy-efficient grow lights for greenhouses, indoor farms or controlled environment facilities that help provide greater yields, more harvests and higher profits.

Photo Courtesy of Hort News

“We are absolutely thrilled to work exclusively with Royal Brinkman. They have a reputation for being the best in the horticulture industry, and that means they are also known for choosing the best partners,” said Malcolm Yare, Horticulture Business Development Manager at GE Current, a Daintree company. “We believe that Current’s grow lights lead the market and will be a valuable asset in our push for more sustainable, higher-quality crop production.”

Glenn Notley, Managing Director at Royal Brinkman, said: “Current’s Arize™ product range is at the forefront of the horticulture industry, and we’ve seen them succeed in all types of indoor farms, vertical farms and greenhouses. We are pleased to work with them to introduce their technology to our growers in the U.K.”

A large portion of the partnership will be assisting the burgeoning cannabis market in gaining a foothold. Royal Brinkman recently launched Can-Hub, a top-to-bottom resource for cannabis growers to help them find the equipment and expertise they need in one reliable online location. Current has also made inroads into this market: In 2019, it introduced the Arize Element L1000, a grow light specifically designed for cannabis that has been shown to promote higher cannabinoid levels and better crop yield than traditional solutions.

While the relationship is only within the U.K. for now, both Current and Royal Brinkman are optimistic about the possibility of expanding the partnership into other countries.


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