Tulip Garden Show, Pakistan

Bagh-e-Yakjahti Kashmir
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MUZAFFARABAD Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan on Friday inaugurated a tulip garden set up here at the Jalalabad Park as a mark of solidarity with the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOJ&K).

Two gentlemen visited me in summer end of 2019 from AJK Agri Department. They were looking after to hold a tulip garden show in 2020 spring. Wanted to know A-Z of growing tulips on that sunny day. As I was busy at some conference and invited them in nearby restaurant although meeting was originally planned in greenworks office.

Where we discussed in length how and what to do to hold a successful tulip garden in Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu, and Kashmir. Greenworks being the Pioneer and having multiple tulip garden show under its banner is well known around Pakistan. Having capacity and trained people, the company agreed to help them from Procurement of pre-cooled bulbs to planting seeds to get them bloom training and consultancy.

Pakistani side of Kashmir is known to have a good natural resource for agriculture and tourism. Nice people and fertile, green and scenic mountain valleys are characteristics of Azad Kashmir, making it one of the most beautiful regions on the Subcontinent. Lack of proper infrastructure and will always become hindrance in the way of development in important sectors.

“All’s well that ends well”

In Jalalabad Tulip Garden show Spring 2020, this is exactly happened, greenworks selected, pre cooled tulip flower bulbs from reputed source of holland, give Kashmiris a required training (aka. technology transfer), technical staff went there in first week of December 2019 all the way from Lahore to Muzafarabad, spent whole day there to plant bulbs according to cultivars and colors without a cup of tea ( an expert who’d been there making fun). Although Kashmirs are known hospitable people in this side of Kashmir. Who,s who of Kashmirs visited whole the day and encouraged the efforts of agriculture department of AJK.   Three months rigorous remote coaching and sending required materials to Muzaffarabad from Lahore brings flowers to blossom in second week of February 2020.

Everything bad and good happened in between the planting and flowers.  Anxiety, Depressions, and sleepless nights in Muzaffarabad were seen. Director Horticulture and Director General Agriculture Department AJK were the most worried people on the planet during those days. Both guys families are settled in Canada with their families and could not able to travel because of this garden.

Tulips in Bloom after very harsh winter in Jalalabad Garden, Muzffarabad, AJK

Finally, flowers started to emerge and smiles around with the realization of success and achievements. Calls are going up and down to arrange a historic flower show on 22 February 2020. Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan inaugurated the tulip garden with a memorable speech. Greenworks Directors and CEO were also invited to observe the day which they name “ A Solidarity Flower Show with Indian Held Kashmir”. People from other side of Kashmir also participated with clear joy on their faces.

Flower Brings Happiness and Joy.

Author: Saleem Ahmad – Director & CEO Greenworks

Picture Credits : Greenworks

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